Write better.
Get published.

Do you have a story to tell but are not sure how to tell it?
Do you need someone to hold you accountable in your writing?
Are you overwhelmed with your half-completed manuscript?

Lose the doubt.

Private Coaching

With private coaching, you get one-on-one assistance on all aspects of your project, from outline to completion.


Hone Your Craft

With good guidance, you, too, can tell a compelling story with your unique voice and distinct style.

Learn proven principles for compelling storytelling.
Develop the voice and style that suits you best.
Get a supportive partner to help you keep going.

Hone your craft.

The publishing marketplace is highly competitive.
Agents and publishers will only consider the very best.
Without proper guidance, your story might not have a chance.

Avoid rejection.

Avoid Rejection

Don't get the dreaded shrug-off from agents and publishers due to a poorly crafted manuscript.


Find happy readers.

Shulem did a great job of thoughtfully and carefully connecting my ideas and experiences to the kind of structure that long-form writing requires. I’ve always written from inspiration, and he showed me how to anchor that inspiration in form and structure. If you are looking for a successful, experienced, intelligent, empathetic and disciplined coach, then Shulem is a great choice for you.

Celeste Aronoff, Coaching Client

We got you.

Manuscript Review
A written assessment of your manuscript, plus three one-hour sessions for crafting a thorough, step-by-step revision plan.

Basic Coaching
Six private craft sessions for one-on-one assistance on all aspects of your project, from outline to completion, for all writing levels.

Advanced Coaching
Eight private craft sessions, plus a review of up to three chapters (max 30K words) for intermediate to advanced writers.

Developmental Editing
Full-scale editorial assistance for sharpening everything from story structure to sentences.

Coaching sessions conducted over private videoconference. In-person sessions available in New York City Metro area.

Don't keep your story from being told.

Writing a book is a big undertaking, and the process can be overwhelming. Agents and editors want only the best, and if you don't hone your writing craft, your manuscript might never be considered. Your story might never be told.

Don't let that happen!

As an award-winning memoirist with many satisfied coaching clients, I can help turn your dream book into reality.

Whether you are a beginner with only some ideas brewing, or an experienced writer deep into your manuscript, I can help you move it along with concrete, actionable guidance.

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