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VIDEO: London Jewish Book Week 2017
In conversation with Rabbi Rebecca Birk
UPHEAVALS: When journeys of mind and soul overturn a life and affect loved ones. A conversation with Rabbi David Ingber.
Book Launch: Reading and Q&A

Foreword Reviews
Foreword This Week

[We] talk to Deen about leaving Hasidism, the art of memoir writing, and his experience working with indie publisher Graywolf Press.  More »

Zeek Magazine
Rachel Barenblat

Euphoria, Curiosity, Exile & the Ongoing Journey of a Hasidic Rebel: A Q & A with Shulem Deen  »

JTA News
Q&A with Julie Wiener

Do you remember your first time eating treif? Do you hope your children will follow in your path? Read the answer to this and more »

The Brooklyn Paper
Q&A with Vanessa Ogle

Q: What are some of the everyday decisions others might take for granted that you struggled with when you joined the secular world? Read the answer to this and more »

The Rumpus
Dylan Foley 

Q: Why did you decide to write a memoir of your life with the Skverers? The answer to this and more, at The Rumpus »

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

Q: What do you think are some of the most common perceptions and misperceptions about the Hasidic world, and what do you hope readers take away from your book? Read the answer to this and more »

Jewish Book Council: Emerging Voices Interviews
Sam Shuman

Q: Wasn't the book supposed to be called ShaygetzRead the answer to this and more »